Ängelholm in northern Skåne is actually a rather cozy little town, with some beautiful buildings dating back in time, including a church that reveals Skåne used to be a part of Denmark. 

Here and there you can read the original Danish spelling Engelholm. Literally the name means Angel Island. 

From the station or the main square you can get a regular green city bus or the tourist “train” called Pyttetåget to Ängelholm’s Hembygdspark. 

It’s a small park in the woods, where you can see caged birds, goats, pigs and deer. There’s an ice-cream shop and a huge playground. 

A little further into the woods there’s a different playground made of all natural materials, including a small Viking fortress. 

One time use grills are not permitted, but you are welcome to bring coal for the established grills on spot. 

Admission is free. 

Ängelholm even has a charming tourist boat tour you can take. 

Going to Ängelholm on a sunny day, especially with children(!!!), is never a waste of time. 

From Ängelholm you can take the train to the next station, Båstad, where you can experience the true small-harbor-and-beach-combined-experience, with a number of good places to eat.