A streetside café is more than just coffee and snacks.
It’s a front row spectators seat for life.
If nothing interesting is going on in the street in front of you, you can look at the other guests and guess where they are in life, what they have just done, or are about to do.
Or even better: You can talk to them.
The best conversation I have had in quite a while started with me saying
“Do you want to hear a really cool story?”

A café is where I find peace, read a book, check up on social media, and get all the entertainment I want.

A café is where I want to go, when most other people wants to go home.

It’s a pause, but also the the time where I have a break to think things through, I get new ideas, find perspective, and make life changing decisions… Or just look at people and events around me, finding Zen.

Some of my books are almost entirely written on my mobile at different cafés.

Sometimes I find people to talk to, and as an extrovert person I don’t shy from the idea of simply saying “Let me tell you a cool story!”

Last time I did that was at the Misteln Café in Stockholm, at the Main Square in the Old Town,  where I told a couple of fellow tourists about the Stockholm Bloodbath, that took place on that very square.

Well… Actually, I might do it again, later today, somewhere in Malmö.

He should be at work now, but has called in sick to meet the woman. She is his sister.

She doesn't know how to tell him she's a lesbian.