An oddity is anything strange or unusual. Everything that stands out, appear where you don’t expect it, people behaving in a surprising or confusing way. Wearing ear muffs during a heat wave would be considered an oddity, because most people wouldn’t do that. Anything odd is weird, strange, unusual, or bizarre contributes to making life a little more interesting.

Sometimes it’s daft, but only on rare occasions dangerous or unpleasant, if you are truly committed to live and let live.

I am curious by nature, and learned at an early age to look out for the things that stands out.

I come from a family of history geeks, and constantly wonder about the backstory of everything I see; a backstory that started three days ago, or 800 years ago.

Why is there a runestone in the wall, and how did this shoe end in the gutter?

If everything was uniform, and immediately made perfect sense there would be nothing to make us reflect. We need cognitive dissonance like a fish needs water.

I have learned the rule of “karma”, that teaches us how everything is connected; every action will tricker a reaction, for all eternity.

The woman screaming in the street is a result of a decision made a millennia ago.

I reserve a special place in my heart for people and things that adds colour and mystery to the world.

It happens I add to it myself.

In my book “Hammered History” I try to explain how everything is connected, and actually makes sense – and what really stands out.